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  • Book Funnel Team: Approximately 2 Weeks
  • Author: Approximately 2 hours

Outline: Funnel your information through Skype, and our expert book coaches will help define your book’s topic and goals. After clarifying your book’s message, we’ll determine your target audience and create your niche.

From there, your book coach will define your book’s concepts and messages and develop a detailed outline that will be used in writing your book.


  • Book Funnel Team: Approximately 10 Weeks
  • Author: Approximately 6 hours

Interviews: You will work directly with one of our professional writers, who will interview you, using questions based on your outline, to create the content for each chapter of your book. These interviews are recorded and transcribed by a professional transcription service.

Writing and Developmental Editing: Using the transcripts from your interviews, your writer will write the first draft of your book manuscript. It is a skilled process that is individualized to each other, maintaining the author’s voice, tone, and message from first page to last. (This process includes ghostwriting, developmental editing, and book doctoring. We take great strides to ensure your voice is evident throughout, not the voice of the writer/editor.) Your book’s page and word count will depend on the content and length of your interviews, number of chapters, scope of your message, and recommendations from our editorial team.

Professional Editing: Once your manuscript is complete, it be copyedited by a professional editor. The editor does much more than proofreading, checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar. He or she will review your entire book to make sure there are no inconsistencies or conflicts in the manuscript. After the editing process, the manuscript will be returned for your review, revisions, or edits. When complete, your book will be polished, professional, and ready to publish.

Book Cover Design: Our team of graphic design professionals will create a unique and appealing book cover that is the same high quality of traditionally published books. We carefully select our cover designers, using only those skilled professionals who work with major publishers.


  • Book Funnel Team: Approximately 2 Weeks
  • Author: Approximately 4 hours

Package and Publish: Once your book cover is designed and your manuscript is edited, the interior of your book will be formatted with a custom layout to create a professional book that meets printer specifications. A digital version will then be created so your book will be available for Kindle and other electronic book readers. The publishing process includes making your book available for purchase on Amazon.com, as well as bookstores and other online retailers.

Bestseller Marketing: Interested in obtaining bestseller status on Amazon.com? Not only will we guide and support your bestseller campaign, but we will guarantee bestseller status.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Houlihan
New York Times Bestseller,
Former CEO of Barefoot Wine

“Writing a book has increased credibility for us and our message – doors are opening to increased publicity and now our message hits a strong note with the new generation, non-profits and new economy businesses. Alicia stays on top of the ever-changing rules of engagement necessary to not only publish a book, but what is necessary today to get the word out there. She is committed to her clients’ success.”

Dr. Tracy Tomasky
Leadership Coach

“I am ever grateful to Alicia Dunams, (founder of Bestseller in a Weekend and The Book Funnel) my business coach and motivator who encouraged me to be courageous and continually push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I couldn't have asked for a more competent, inspiring, and engaged coach. Her team was there to guide me very step of the way. If you are thinking of writing a book and want coaching from the best, I give Alicia Dunams my highest recommendation. ”

Bridgette Chambers
Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

"Alicia Dunams has a powerhouse team capable of providing tremendous support to authors. Since I began working with her, I have been able to use her team to help me complete two business books. One book instantly became an Amazon.com bestseller, and one that is set to be published by a traditional publisher. Her professional publishing team of editors and website designers makes the book packaging process seamless. I would recommend Alicia and her team to anyone who is ready to write a book and become a bestseller.”

Michael Ruiz
author of Content Marketing for Lawyers:
How Attorneys Can Use Social Media Strategies to Attract More Clients and Become Thought Leaders

“ I have to say I don't believe I would have gotten this book done without Alicia's guidance. It started with her program Bestseller in a Weekend all the way through, The Book Funnel, Amazon book marketing strategies which worked - it became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com the day it launched. The book has resulted in additional revenue opportunities with new clients and speaking opportunities. I now have other books in the works. Alicia is exceptional! Work with her. ”

Brandon Wade
CEO of InfoStreams Group

“Writing non-fiction books has been a significant marketing strategy for our business, and has increased our media platform with appearances on 20/20, The New York Times, and CNN, just to name a few. I've written 3 books with Alicia’s support - her strategies work!”

Victor Cheng
CEO of Fast Forward Media and Executive Coach

"Amazon consistently ranks me as one of the top 500 best selling business authors yearround. Alicia’s valuable advice helped me get there and helps me stay there.”

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